How I pay my bills

A lot of folks regularly ask me this question so I’m going to blog about it. It seems weirdly narcissistic to think anyone would be interested in my finances but let’s give it a go. My last paycheck was in June 2011. I quit to start a startup, or build a company, or something. I didn’t have much of…



Iceland Field Report & Reykjavik City Guide

I just returned from my second trip to Iceland. In 2007 I did a 7 day trip using the Icelandair stopover option on a flight to London. This time I spent a bit over three weeks driving the ring road with Anne, exploring and working remotely in Reykjavik’s cafés and bars and visiting Thorsmork Nationa…



Compound Interest is a Scam

The miracle of compound interest is often taken as gospel. Your parents are constantly extolling its virtues. "Be sure to max out your 401k every month", they’ll say. "Save 10% of your paycheck." "It's never too early to start planning for your retirement." Meanwhile the average savings account las…