Closing SolarList: a cleantech post-mortem

The punchline first: SolarList is basically closing. We haven’t been actively operating the core business since the end of 2013. The founders are currently working on other projects. We spent most of 2014 trying to find a suitable partner for the business and software, but we currently do not see a way forward. We would still love to find someone to work with to help more people go solar. As you’ll see from the rest of the post, we still fundamentally think it’s a great idea. But the fact for now is we’re closing up shop. What’s next We have built a ton of cool software and learned a lot about finding, educating and turning homeowners into happy solar customers. If you are interested to work with us, license our technology or have a compelling non-profit use case. Please give us a shout. T…

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Storemapper Update: 50% revenue growth in 3 months

Three months ago I published a deep dive into Storemapper, a tiny SaaS product that I run. I thought the post (now on Medium) was too long and delved too much into the gory details to be broadly interesting but I was blown away by the response. The post sat atop hacker news for over 24 hours and my typically sleepy blog saw something like 50,000 uniques in a few days. So, here I am, back with another update. The impetus for the original post comes from Baremetrics, the insanely simple SaaS metrics dashboard for Stripe that I use. As paragons of transparency, Buffer, Baremetrics itself, and several other cool startups had made their dashboards completely public. Josh from Baremetrics asked if I wanted to do the same for Storemapper. I had been meaning to write a tell-all about bootstrappin…

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How I pay my bills

A lot of folks regularly ask me this question so I’m going to blog about it. It seems weirdly narcissistic to think anyone would be interested in my finances but let’s give it a go. My last paycheck was in June 2011. I quit to start a startup, or build a company, or something. I didn’t have much of a plan or much in the savings account. I also don’t buy into the mythology that founders of meaningful companies need to spend years living in their parents’ basement and eating ramen noodles. My folks live in Florida so they don’t have a basement. And they wouldn’t let me live in it even if they had one. And I wouldn’t live there even if they let me. I wanted to become an entrepreneur and live on my owns without sacrificing my quality of life. In those three unemployed years I’ve lived a pret…

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Iceland Field Report & Reykjavik City Guide

I just returned from my second trip to Iceland. In 2007 I did a 7 day trip using the Icelandair stopover option on a flight to London. This time I spent a bit over three weeks driving the ring road with Anne, exploring and working remotely in Reykjavik’s cafés and bars and visiting Thorsmork National Park. Visiting Iceland is a surreal and unmissable travel experience. The raw natural beauty, mind-blowing landscapes and unique natural features give every new moment the possibility of blowing you away. A photo posted by Tyler Tringas (@ttringas) on Sep 9, 2014 at 1:15pm PDT In this post I want to answer some questions I’ve gotten about visiting, talk about both of my trips and provide some general tips for planning a trip. I also spent more than two relatively relaxing weeks living a…

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Compound Interest is a Scam

The miracle of compound interest is often taken as gospel. Your parents are constantly extolling its virtues. "Be sure to max out your 401k every month", they’ll say. "Save 10% of your paycheck." "It's never too early to start planning for your retirement." Meanwhile the average savings account last year had a laughable 0.06% interest rate. What a joke. If asked you to lend me $100, and in a year I'd give you back your $100 plus a whopping 6 pennies you would justifiably laugh in my face. But we have been spoon fed since we were little that no matter how tiny the interest rate on offer, we still have to fork over the cash to our savings accounts or suffer the guilt trip. The Real real return on investment "But it's not about the short term interest rates!" a thousand books in the Barnes &…

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