Startup Coaching

I’m offering one-on-one coaching sessions with startup founders (or teams) to accelerate your business and work through problems.
What’s included
  • Pre-call deep dive: I’ll demo your product (via recorded screencast), read through your product roadmap or blog posts, generally do some background research
  • 60-90 minute video call
  • Post-call follow-up: screencasts, code review, links for further reading
  • Case study (optional): if it makes sense we’ll work together on a case study for the Micro-SaaS blog
What I can help with
  • Iterating to product/market-fit
  • Revenue strategies, pricing, and business models
  • Customer onboarding, retention & user experience
  • Automating & scaling internal processes
  • Product roadmap hacking: how to get 90% of the value with 10% of the time/code
  • Passive customer acquisition channels
What I’m not able to be helpful with
  • Raising money from VCs
  • Paid marketing or PR
  • Graphic design
  • Good copywriting (obviously)
  • If you need help with these things, reach out and I’ll point you to some other fine folks who are more qualified to offer advice.
The price is US$895 for a session including the pre-call work, 90-minute call, and follow-up.


The seriously no-risk guarantee: I know that might sound like a lot of money for a single coaching session. I already sold my SaaS business so I’m not doing this to get rich off other entrepreneurs, but I wanted to price these sessions high enough that it would filter for serious candidates and allow me to give it my full attention. If we finish the call and you feel you didn’t get enough value for money and want a full (or even partial) refund. Just shoot me an email and I will provide it with genuinely no questions asked or hard feelings. I want everybody to walk away feeling like that had a great experience.
Still not certain? Reading through the long posts I’ve written about my own SaaS business, Storemapper, as well as the Micro-SaaS ebook, will give you a great sense of how I work through problems. Building a profitable software business while traveling and working remotely all over the world, and ultimately selling it, was an amazing journey and I would love to help more entrepreneurs in any way I can.
Questions? Email me or DM me @tylertringas

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