Hi! I’m Tyler.

I am an entrepreneur and a traveler.

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I’m a self-taught web developer, hacker and sometimes digital nomad. I spent most of the last 4 years living out of a backpack, traveling the world and coding in cafés. These days I live in Washington, DC.

If you sell things, I help people find where to buy your stuff IRL with Storemapper – a no coding required store locator solution for your website. I blog hyper-transparently about building Storemapper as a Micro-SaaS business. You can follow the story, dig in to the public financials and see all my mistakes in this series of posts.

Based on the Storemapper posts and interviews with other entrepreneurs I’m writing an ebook on Building Micro-SaaS Businesses.

I’m a clean energy nerd and former wind/solar energy consultant for Bloomberg / New Energy Finance. I co-founded a solar software startup called SolarList where we tried to make signing up for solar energy at home as easy as online mortgages. It was a wild ride and my first startup failure.


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