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  • Announcing the Founder Summit 2020 Nov 20, 2019 - On March 12-15 in Mexico City, my firm Earnest Capital (with our friends SureSwift Capital) will be hosting the Founder Summit. It’s a gathering of entrepreneurs, founders, makers, and indie hackers to learn from one another, build relationships, and have a blast. No slide decks, no sales pitches, no ‘speakers only’ section, just awesome people... Continue reading
  • The Entrepreneur’s new path of maximum optionality Jun 24, 2019 - “Bootstrap a lifestyle business, strap yourself in to the VC roller coaster, or take out a loan with a personal guarantee and risk losing everything if the business fails.”… For as long as I have been an entrepreneur this was pretty much the menu of options available to most founders of software companies. Before you... Continue reading
  • We need a new default funding model for tech companies Jan 8, 2019 - There is definitively a small but growing trend of new forms of financing for early/mid-stage tech companies. As a founder and bootstrapper, I feel like I saw the opportunity before I understood why it was there. I wanted to lay out the simple macro framework for why I believe this is just the beginning of... Continue reading
  • Idea Pad: Guest starring customer templates Jan 4, 2019 - I recently tweeted one of the best growth/product strategies I know:   Basically every product should have a “cool ways our customers are using our product” blog. Customer development (product) + best customers feel special (retention) + those customers share to their audience (growth) + best practices shared to new/all customers (onboarding) — Tyler Tringas... Continue reading
  • How I email Jan 2, 2019 - In 2019 I’m transitioning into the role of an investor at Earnest Capital. Since we soft-launched in October with a call to collaboratively build investment terms for “funding for bootstrappers” I have received 100x the normal volume of emails that I’m used to processing. Looking forward it seems clear that being an investor in early-stage... Continue reading


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