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  • On Indexing the Early-Stage Market of Funding for Bootstrappers Aug 7, 2020 - Lately several people have asked me, is “Earnest Capital trying to index early-stage software companies?” The answer is “no, not really” but there is an interesting discussion to be had around the idea of indexing so it’s worth unpacking. AngelList Data shows that “indexing” early-stage (pre-seed/seed) investing produces superior returns than picking deals. One reason... Continue reading
  • Announcing the Founder Summit 2020 Nov 20, 2019 - On March 12-15 in Mexico City, my firm Earnest Capital (with our friends SureSwift Capital) will be hosting the Founder Summit. It’s a gathering of entrepreneurs, founders, makers, and indie hackers to learn from one another, build relationships, and have a blast. No slide decks, no sales pitches, no ‘speakers only’ section, just awesome people... Continue reading
  • The Entrepreneur’s new path of maximum optionality Jun 24, 2019 - “Bootstrap a lifestyle business, strap yourself in to the VC roller coaster, or take out a loan with a personal guarantee and risk losing everything if the business fails.”… For as long as I have been an entrepreneur this was pretty much the menu of options available to most founders of software companies. Before you... Continue reading
  • We need a new default funding model for tech companies Jan 8, 2019 - There is definitively a small but growing trend of new forms of financing for early/mid-stage tech companies. As a founder and bootstrapper, I feel like I saw the opportunity before I understood why it was there. I wanted to lay out the simple macro framework for why I believe this is just the beginning of... Continue reading
  • Idea Pad: Guest starring customer templates Jan 4, 2019 - I recently tweeted one of the best growth/product strategies I know:   Basically every product should have a “cool ways our customers are using our product” blog. Customer development (product) + best customers feel special (retention) + those customers share to their audience (growth) + best practices shared to new/all customers (onboarding) — Tyler Tringas... Continue reading


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