Bootstrapping a profitable SaaS Business.

Welcome to the ebook on Building Micro-SaaS Businesses. What’s Micro-SaaS? It is a software as a service business owned and operated by one person or a small team. These businesses are location-independent, high margin, low-risk with predictable recurring revenue. They are the lifestyle business of the future. I scrapped and scrambled my way to building and ultimately selling a profitable SaaS business.

This is ebook is an ongoing project representing the best synthesis of everything I have learned building this business and from talking to many other Micro-SaaS founders from around the world. You can start reading the finished chapters below and subscribe to be the first to get new chapters in your inbox as they are published.

Building Micro-SaaS Businesses

Chapter 1: What is Micro-SaaS and Why Should You Read This?
Chapter 2: What Makes a Good Micro-SaaS Idea?
Chapter 3: Finding Micro-SaaS Ideas
Chapter 4: From Idea to Building a Minimum Viable Product
Chapter 5: Getting Your First Customers
Chapter 6: Thriving in the Long, Slow, SaaS Grind
Chapter 7: Retention & Customer Support as a Solo Founder
Chapter 8: Micro-SaaS Marketing & Passive Customer Acquisition Channels
Chapter 9: Going Full-time on your Micro-SaaS
Chapter 10: From Solo Founder to Micro-SaaS Team
Chapter 11: Strategies for Micro-SaaS at Scale
Chapter 12: The Micro-SaaS End Game

… And probably several more chapters and case studies to come.

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