Play the Long Game

Ok screw it. You are going to think I’m a big nerd but I’m posting this anyway.

Early this year I left my apartment in Brooklyn. I put all my stuff in storage (for the third time in as many years) but this time using NYC startup Makespace. They deliver boxes to your house, pick them up, and you can request individual boxes be hand-delivered to you anywhere in NYC (or now shipped to anywhere).

I jetted off to Southeast Asia for a few months. I didn’t have a return ticket at the time but looking ahead, I thought I might cut my return very close to a friend’s wedding. So I packed one of my Makespace boxes with a pressed tuxedo, cufflinks, polished shoes… I called it my 007 Go Box because James Bond is always showing up in random places and he still has perfectly pressed, tailored and climate-appropriate threads in every situation.

3 months later, I fly back from Bali to NYC, book one night in a hotel, meet my girlfriend (who flies in that day via Poland) and using my phone, have my tux delivered to the hotel lobby. We’re in a Mini Cooper off for Vermont the next morning. How jetset is that?!

I liked the story, so I wrote it up and emailed it to Sam, the CEO of Makespace. He loves it and they want to write a blog post about it. We do a quick Skype interview and voila: How Tyler Tringas uses Makespace to Live Like James Bond

A month later

Tim Ferriss writes this post How to Never Check Luggage Again and he talks about “travel caching” which is an analog version of what I’m doing with Makespace. So I tweet at him and he tweets back and includes the story in his blog post.

Tim’s blog gets like eleventy-million unique visitors a month, and now in one of his blog posts, there is a link to another blog post, that links to me.

Screenshot 2014-08-11 11.21.44.png

So play the Long Game:

  1. Do awesome things
  2. Tell people about them
  3. They blog about you doing those things
  4. Tim Ferriss blogs about other people blogging about you
  5. ????
  6. Profit

Ok, my example is just fun but Justin Jackson has a great post about how this kind of thing is actually more like serious marketing called Play the long game